The "Initial Triad"

The "Initial Triad" consists of addition, multiplication, and exponentiation, and is written normally.


Tetration, a^^b, is a power tower of b a's. It is denoted {a,b,2}.


Pentation a^^^b, is denoted {a,b,3}.

Higher operations

They are denoted {a,b,n} where n is the hyperoperation number of the operation.

Repeated Numbers

They, a hyperiteration, are denoted by brackets as opposed to braces. For example, {[10,2],100,2} is a tron. Note that {[a,b]} is contracted to [a,b].

Combined Operations

They are also denoted by sub-brackets. For example, {{10,100,2},10,3} is a moogol.

Multientrical Arrays

{a,b,c,...,X} represents {a,{b,c,...,X},X}, with X as operator. This is resolved recursively. For example, {4,4,4,4,3}, a Tiny Graham, = {4,{4,4,4,3},3} = {4,{4,{4,4,3},3},3}.

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